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Common Cause Foundation works to place values that prioritise community, environment and equality at the heart of our cultural, political and civic institutions.

A large body of evidence shows that the balance between different values is of very significant influence in shaping social and environmental behaviour. Lasting and proportionate responses to today’s social and environmental challenges require that compassionate values are prioritised above selfish values.

People that influence social change (in civil society, politics or media) need to understand and promote these compassionate values, which are essential for lasting change. Although awareness is spreading, it needs to be mainstreamed.

Most institutions, in media, politics or civil society, do not recognise this need and tend to have an issue or event-based approach that often ignores the importance of underlying values. Some social and environmental institutions use values in ways that damage or undermine their overarching objectives by appealing to selfish values.

We are an independent not for profit organisation that catalyses action on shared values that underpin positive social and environmental change.

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