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Angela Rutter is an environmentalist and consultant working in social change. She has co-founded Common Cause Australia, with Adam Majcher and Mark Chenery, a growing network of people working to engage cultural values that create a more equitable, sustainable and democratic society. Come and be part of it too.

Do get in touch with Angela at [email protected] or see what they’re up to at


Gisela Moreau has facilitated the translation of Common Cause into Portuguese, and has been convening discussion on this material at her team’s cultural & political headquarters in São Paulo, Brazil. You can download the report below.

Note that researchers who are working on cultural values have developed a set of specific survey items (for example, ‘wealth’ or ‘humble’) and have translated and tested these in many languages, including Portuguese. The current Portuguese translation of Common Cause does not, as yet, include the specific translations of survey items as established by academics working on values in Brazil. We’ll be posting translations of these items soon.

If you are interested in becoming involved in this conversation, please contact Gisela at: [email protected].

Causa Comum: Pelo fortalecimento dos nossos valores culturais

Causa Comum: Pelo fortalecimento dos nossos valores culturais

| December 20, 2011

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Aryne Sheppard is an educator and consultant working in the social change field, and serves as the Senior Public Engagement Specialist at the David Suzuki Foundation. She is based in Toronto and is keen to build a network of social change leaders who are interested in exploring new ways of transforming our culture.

Aryne uses the Common Cause ideas in her work and has presented them to colleagues. Please feel free to get in touch with Aryne at [email protected].


EU institutions

A small group of NGO professionals meet regularly in Brussels to discuss Common Cause and its application to work in and around EU Institutions.

If you live or work in Brussels and would like to hear more about what the Brussels group has planned or if you would like to attend one of the monthly Common Cause lunches to exchange experiences with colleagues in Brussels, contact Dr Sergi Corbalán, Executive Director of the Fair Trade Advocacy Office at [email protected] or join the Common Cause Brussels group on Facebook.


What Common Cause activity is happening in Scotland?

So far there have been two open Common Cause Workshops in Scotland and more are planned for the future.  Several organisations have also commissioned the Scottish Common Cause Core Team to run workshops for their staff.  Open workshops are run in partnership with the SDE Network and you can find details of upcoming events here.

Currently we do not have core funding to cover the cost of workshops, so we do need to charge for them.  We try our hardest to keep the cost as low as possible and offer bursaries when we can, as we don’t want anyone to be excluded because they can’t afford to attend.

In addition to the workshops, two people from The Conservation Volunteers (TCV) Scotland were involved in the Common Cause Action Learning Programme, with Pam and Osbert from the Scottish Core Team acting as mentors.  We are looking to build on the success of this programme by running a Scottish Common Cause Action Learning Programme.  Work is underway to set this project up and we how to be able to give more details soon.

The Scottish Core Team have also been taking Common Cause forward through their wider work.  Morag is currently working with the General Teaching Council for Scotland to embed values in the Professional Standards for Teachers and with the Scottish Government Climate Change Team on their work on public engagement and behaviour change.  Pam and Osbert are working with various organisations to support them in taking a values-based approach. 

If you are interested in participating in the Scottish Common Cause activities, or want to know more about any of them, please email Morag Watson at WWF Scotland.

Who are the Scottish Common Cause Core Team?

The Core Team are a group of committed individuals who give their time to organising and managing work on Common Cause and fundraise to support this work.  The Scottish Common Cause Core Team are Morag Watson from WWF Scotland and consultants Pam McLean and Osbert Lancaster.  Morag is also a member of the overall Common Cause Core Team.

The Scottish Core Team work closely with the Sustainable Development Education (SDE) Network, who help support Common Cause in Scotland. 

Oxfam in Scotland, Scottish Business in the Community and the Environmental Association of Universities and Colleges (EAUC) have also helped support Common Cause work is Scotland.

If you would like to contact or join the Scottish Common Cause Core Team please email Morag Watson at WWF Scotland.

How Common Cause got started in Scotland

WWF-UK was one of the founding partners of Common Cause and within WWF-UK there are a group of colleagues involved in Common Cause, exploring how the theory can be put into practice.  Morag Watson, Senior Policy Officer at WWF Scotland, is one of this group and is leading the Common Cause work in Scotland.

In December 2011 Prof Tim Kasser, one of the social psychologists involved in Common Cause, was in Europe, so we took the opportunity to bring him to Scotland before he headed back to the US.  Over the course of four days Tim did six presentations to a total audience of over five hundred people. You can find videos of presentations by Tim Kasser and Martin Kirk at one of these workshops, organised jointly with Oxfam and held on Monday 12 December 2011, here.

Following the visit by Tim Kasser, Morag began convening a group of people in Scotland to lead the discussion on Common Cause, this lead to the formation of the Scottish Common Cause Core Team.