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Common Cause Communication - A Toolkit

Common Cause Communication - A Toolkit

Tom Crompton & Netta Weinstein | June 6, 2015


The Common Cause Handbook

The Common Cause Handbook

Public Interest Research Centre (PIRC) | July 18, 2011 Buy a hard copy.


Common Cause: The Case for Working with our Cultural Values

Common Cause: The Case for Working with our Cultural Values

Tom Crompton | September 15, 2010


Common Cause For Nature - Practitioner's Guide

Common Cause For Nature - Practitioner's Guide

PIRC | August 12, 2013 Buy a hard copy.


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Christian Aid

Bearing Witness

Learn how Christian Aid view development work; how they articulate the deep links between issues; and how they maintain an engaged relationship with their membership.

The John Muir Award

Hidden Gardens flowers

Learn about what it takes to work successfully in partnership and how experiences in the natural world can impact pro-environmental actions.

Friends of the Earth

FOE Merthyr work

Learn how staff at Friends of the Earth have been able to put the organisation’s values into practice by bringing equality and diversity more strongly into its organisational strategy.

Recommended reading...

21st Century Enlightenment

Matthew Taylor makes the the case for promoting a more empathic and self-aware society.

Living values: A report encouraging boldness in third sector organisations

A report from within civil society exploring shared vales and organisational barriers in the sector.

Smart CSOs Report

Addressing a number of current strategy issues in civil society such as a narrow focus on single issues and short term outcomes and a lack of systemic thinking.

The High Price of Materialism

Exploring the relationship between extrinsic goals, wellbeing, and social and environmental issues.

What Money Can’t Buy: The Moral Limits of Markets

Michael Sandel’s arguments in his book What Money Can’t Buy revolve importantly around the way in which charging for a good or service changes its nature. He writes: “Standard economic reasoning assumes that commodifying a good – putting it up for…