About Us

At Common Cause Foundation we’re a small, passionate team working, amidst a large and growing international network, to strengthen and give voice to the compassionate values that underpin social and environmental concern.

Research, by Common Cause and others, shows most people care deeply about one another and the world around them, valuing things like equality, compassion and kindness. However, a large majority of people underestimate the extent to which their fellow citizens care about these things – and this can hold us back.

Conveying a more authentic understanding of what people typically value has potentially transformative consequences: people who hold truer perspectives of others’ values report deeper connection to their communities, show greater motivation to become civically engaged, are more likely to support action on social or environmental challenges, and have higher wellbeing. This video gives an overview of how Common Cause insights are being brought to life:

Get to know a little more about our team:

Tom Crompton – Director
Tom has worked for nearly a decade with some of the UK’s best known charities – including NSPCC, Oxfam, Scope and WWF – on values and social change. He has advised the UK, Scottish and Welsh governments on cultural values, and has collaborated with some of the world’s foremost academics working in this area. He has published extensively in this field, including the reports Weathercocks and Signposts: The Environment Movement at a Crossroads (2007) and Common Cause: The Case for Working with Values and Frames (2010).

Tom read Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge, UK., and holds a doctorate in the evolution of altruism from the University of Leicester, UK.

“I come from a natural science background, but am compelled by the realisation that we cannot expect proportional or lasting responses to today’s profound social and environment challenges to emerge – unless these responses are rooted in an understanding of people: what matters to people, and what shapes what matters to people.”

Melissa Henry – Director
Melissa has worked in the not for profit sector for over 15 years, most recently with Sustrans where she was Director of Marketing and Communications. She is passionate about enabling positive change, and has successfully worked to influence behaviour, practice and policy to bring about more sustainable lifestyles.

Melissa read Ancient History and Social Anthropology at UCL, and has an MBA from Bristol Business School, UWE, where her dissertation explored the leadership and governance necessary to manage complexity and change.

“I’ve always enjoyed working for organisations that bring about change by demonstrating what’s possible. For me, what Common Cause achieves is really just common sense – communicating and testifying to the compassionate values that the majority of us prioritise has, in my view, the power to change our discourse for the better. And where discourse goes, behaviours follow. I’m looking forward to collaborating with anyone and everyone to work with this simple truth.”

Emily Howgate – Fundraising & Communications Specialist
With over 10 years committed experience working for impact-led non-profit organisations – delivering behaviour, policy and business change in support of conservation and sustainability – Emily joined Common Cause Foundation in 2017. Emily is a heartful thought-leader who is focused on raising our reputation and revenue in order to deliver on the mission of Common Cause Foundation. Emily views life with an ecological perspective of interconnectivity and acts with a compassionate values-led approach, supported by her BSc in Ecology from University of East Anglia (UK) and MSc in Sustainability and Responsibility from Ashridge Business School (UK). She is committed to delivering meaningful collaborative relationships and evolving systems for a culture where care for life thrives.

“I’m dedicated to working with organisations I care for. For me, being with Common Cause Foundation is exciting as we seek to work beyond specific sectors and play a part in influencing the structures and stories that impact our collective behaviours, we hope, – for a fairer, flourishing society of people and planet”.

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