This blog was originally posted on Identity Campaigning.

I have written previously on this blog about veering dramatically from hope to despair, and I think I may have found the reason for it.  I think it's because as a society we are travelling in two opposite directions, at the same time, at increasing speed.  Two recent articles relating to economics and CSR really bring this to a head for me, and so I wanted to share them.  First the good news.  Last week, the business thinktank Tomorrow's Company, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales and WWF co-launched a report entitled 'Qualitative Growth', authored by Hazel Henderson and Fritjof Capra.  Thinking of Margaret Thatcher's insight about economics as the path to the hearts and minds of a nation (Tom, if you wouldn't mind posting the quote as a comment, I'd be much obliged), this feels like a hugely significant moment.  When we start to measure something other than money, we can have genuine hope of creating a system that will work for everyone (human and beyond!) - and to see this in the context of the House of Lords, and in the voice of accountants(!) was encouraging to say the least.  You can download the report here

Now for the bad news...  Cityboy, the banking whistleblower turned bestselling novellist, has turned his hand to a comment on CSR.  It's not pretty reading, but according to friends of mine, it's a lot closer to the day-to-day reality than is 'Qualitative Growth'.