This blog was originally posted at Identity Campaigning.

Now I wonder if anyone has seen the press release on psychology and climate change from the American Psychological Association

It appears the Identity Campaigning work may have passed this group by. Here is the relevant extract:

The task force highlighted some ways that psychology is already working to limit these barriers (to change in reaction to climate change). For example, people are more likely to use energy-efficient appliances if they are provided with immediate energy-use feedback. Devices that show people how much energy and money they're conserving can yield energy savings of 5 percent to 12 percent, according to research. "Behavioural feedback links the cost of energy use more closely to behavior by showing the costs immediately or daily rather than in an electric bill that comes a month later," said Swim.

Also, some studies have looked at whether financial incentives can spur people to weatherize their houses. The research has shown that combined strong financial incentives, attention to customer convenience and quality assurance and strong social marketing led to weatherization of 20 percent or more of eligible homes in a community in the first year of a program. The results were far more powerful than achieved by another program that offered just financial incentives.