"It feels like there's a locked door for which I don't have the key, but this might be the map to help me find it."

Since the publication of Common Cause, campaigners like me have been asking themselves, ‘what does this mean for us and our work?’.

Last week, eighteen campaigners got together at the Bank of Ideas to share stories of learning, build a community, and start to think about what we'd like to be doing differently to align our campaigning with a values-based approach.

Campaigners sharing stories of learning

What did we learn?

  • NGOs have an enormous role to play in supporting and legitimising movements that emerge - and cannot be orchestrated by NGOs.
  • Looking back at how we each got involved in social change work helps us think about how we invite other people in. A focus on personal relationships, meaningful actions, and personal growth keeps us engaged and will encourage others to join.
  • The current economic and environmental crises are opening space for us to talk about values and what kind of world we want to see.
  • We can learn more from each other when we're able to be honest about what isn't working.

Questions that we raised

  • How can NGOs start collaborating instead of competing?
  • How are movements like Occupy shaping our values? (The BBC have asked the same question!)
  • Is it possible to lobby and work from a values-approach?

Thanks to everyone who came - Samantha, Gavin, James, Nic, Matt, Farida, Coralie, Sanda, Laurence, James, Mareme, Guppi, Clifford, Roy, Anna, Katrien, Nicolas and Paul.

We’d love to have you join us - we're meeting again at 6.30pm on Wednesday 11th January.