What’s coming up for Common Cause this year, and how can you get involved?

Common Cause Foundation

WWF is seed-funding a new organisation, the Common Cause Foundation. Tom Crompton and Oliver Smith are both leaving WWF this year, to help set this up. The Foundation will be working closely with PIRC and others to further the understanding and application of the Common Cause approach, working in the UK, US and China. See Common Knowledge below for some exciting new research due out this year from CCF. Contact Tom if you’d like to get involved or just to hear more.

Common Cause for Nature II

This month sees the launch of the second phase of the Common Cause for Nature project, co-ordinated by PIRC. This will involve furthering values-led work within the conservation sector. Contact Ralph if you’re interested in hearing more.

Common Cause Training

Save the date: 23rd-26th June. Details to follow - email Elena if you want to be kept in the loop about updates. In the meantime, here's what some of last year's participants said:

“This is an eyeopening course that got me to totally re-evaluate the way we interact with and communicate with our members. It doesn’t only make question what you are doing but provides a really useful toolkit of what you can do instead.” Marina, The Mammal Society

“Inspiring AND practical.” James, NUS

"The training was absolutely inspiring, brilliantly facilitated with a great mixture of expert input, group discussion and personal reflection. I came away with loads of ideas, more confidence to apply values and frames thinking, and even more conviction that this is something my organisation needs to be doing." Fran, Friends of the Earth Europe

A new Common Cause Handbook!

That’s right. This year PIRC will (finally) be publishing the new version of the Common Cause Handbook.  It’s jam-packed with case studies, practical tools and theory. It’s going to be great! Watch this space.


Food Values

The Food Values project, a collaboration between Aberystwyth University, the Organic Centre Wales and PIRC kicked off in September with a research seminar at Aberystwyth University, and we’re looking forward to a busy 6 months of public events and seminars in Wales. Contact Bec if you’re interested in this project.

Values Cards

The amazingly talented Genis Carrera has been working with PIRC to produce a deck of cards based on the Schwartz values map. These are going to be a) a lot of fun and b) really useful for thinking about values in lots of different contexts. Release imminent...

Exciting things afoot in Australia, Canada and Scotland...

A new Common Cause organisation is on the horizon in Australia: contact Mark if you're interested. In Canada, there's a Common Cause Action Learning Programme starting. And the Scottish Common Cause network, Wholehearted, have a new website. Contact Bec if you want to hear more about international goings-on.

What does your Common Cause look like this year? What would you like to see from Common Cause? Email us and let us know....