Common Threads – February 2013

  • Could there ever be a corporate Common Cause? Adam Corner asks if the private sector shouldn’t start thinking about developing and investing in some common strategies for sustainability. As Tom Crompton has said, “The marketing industry has a particular responsibility to examine the impact of its activities on cultural values [but] a company’s management culture, the incentives it offers its employees, and its contribution to public priorities through the lobbying activities of its trade associations, are all likely to have crucial impacts on cultural values.” And on a related note, join the debate about ‘Goodvertising’ here.
  • Values and the Sharing Economy – good piece.
  • The virtues of a four-day week – we could do with a big campaign on this…
  • Non-cures for real life problems: questionable techniques for women’s ‘empowerment’.
  • This Space Available reclaiming cities and other spaces from the onslaught of the visual pollution of advertising.
  • The limits of data – “Data obscures values. I recently saw an academic book with the excellent title, Raw Data’ Is an Oxymoron. One of the points was that data is never raw; it’s always structured according to somebody’s predispositions and values. The end result looks disinterested, but, in reality, there are value choices all the way through, from construction to interpretation.”
  • For the geeks, we give you Common Cause for Dungeons and Dragons.
Richard HawkinsCommon Threads – February 2013

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