Interesting things we've been reading, watching or listening to this month:

  • Winning The Story Wars - Jonah Sachs’ new book discusses the need for stories to create meaning and inspire change, and the shortcomings of our cultural stories, currently dominated by marketers.
  • Story of Stuff - Story of Change - Why we need citizens, not consumers, to create real change.
  • Brandalism - Subvertising spreads around the UK. “Here comes the boom of the end of your civilisation and don’t you look pretty in your cool new jeans.”
  • 5 popular forms of charity that aren't helping- Breast cancer awareness campaigns - from pink buckets of KFC chicken, to breast cancer vodka and T-shirts encouraging men to ‘save a life, grope your wife’.
  • The Guardian discusses the Hodgson Report - The report controversially suggests charity trustees could be paid (there’s also a poll on this recommendation here).
  • The real reason conservatives win - Joe Brewer discusses political differences through the psychology of groups, and how a values-based strategy can aid progressives. "We need to focus on building communities of shared identity that bind us together... Building trust across organizations requires a three-pronged approach. First, we have to know our own values so that we can articulated them with authenticity and authority. Secondly, we must make these values explicit and engage in the practice of radical transparency to leave no questions about where we stand and what we care about. And third, we’ve got to seek out those who resonate with these values at the core level of their personal identity.”