Common Threads – May 2013

  • Coke go intrinsic? – Coca Cola have launched a new ad campaign focusing on friends, family and the important people in your life. There’s little research on how bad this is in terms of linking consumption to intrinsic values, but something definitely doesn’t feel right about the associations being made. Let us know what you think…
  • Climate change is a lousy “meme” – Climate change as a concept has so far refused to spread virally. Joe Brewer and Lazlo Karafiath started the Climate Meme Project when they realized that “global warming just isn’t a catchy meme. It does a terrible job of spreading. It is really hard to get people to think about it and act upon it and it is really hard to get people on their own to feel compelled to tell stories about it.”
  • The art of sustainability: imagination, not spreadsheets will create change
  • Universal benefits vs. means-testing – from a shallow perspective, means testing makes a lot of sense, but viewed through a values lens it’s a disaster. Because, as this article points out, universal benefits: “create a sense of solidarity and shared understanding. Means tested benefits create the opposite, divisions and misunderstanding.”
  • How language shapes thought – a genuinely fascinating article exploring how language affects our perceptions of space, time, gender and causality.
  • War, huh… What is it good for? Weakening intrinsic values in adolescents according to this research.
Richard HawkinsCommon Threads – May 2013

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