Why good people do bad things - On moving towards a more realistic ethical frame - and recognising that currently, a ‘business frame’ and an ‘ethical frame’ prompt very different values and reactions.

NGO-business partnerships - One from last year, reflecting on criticisms levelled at NGOs for their corporate partnerships - and thinking about key questions to ask when entering one.

Creative Change in the US - Some examples of projects working on workers issues, immigrant rights, and prison issues for the long term, and discussion of how we have to change culture and perceptions - which takes more human and material energy than getting someone to make a poster for your campaign.

Moving from blaming people to blaming culture? - Neal Lawson believes that we should neither vilify those at the top or bottom of our society (in terms of income), concluding “Our enemy is not other people but the processes, institutions and belief systems of modern consumer capitalism.”

Annie Leonard on the aspirational commons - “The aspirational commons: hope, passion, commitment, the future. These belong to all of us, and it is up to all of us to protect and nourish them – because a society without hope and passion, and without possibility-rich future, is a dreary society indeed. And, of course our democracy: it belongs to all of us and only works when we engage”.

Polling nerdvana - Good analysis of the most recent British Social Attitudes Survey, and thoughts on how it represents a competition between progressive versus conservative framing of social issues.

9 development phrases we hate (and suggestions for a new lexicon) - A great article well worth reading, it includes the incredible line: ”Give a donor one project, and feed him benefisheries for one day. Teach a donor to scale-up, and you will feed him benefisheries for a life time.”