Building a community of practice: A view from Brussels

Guy and I spent a couple of days in Brussels working with NGO staff exploring what Common Cause means for those working close to policy-making, in communications and behaviour change campaigns.

Questions that we’re exploring:

  • Do people who take on CC approach come to different political conclusions?
  • How likely are politicians to respond to intrinsic values?
  • How can NGO community engage with this at a more fundamental level – beyond external communications?
  • How do we do work that we are not personally/organizationally mandated to do?

Ideas that are being planned/explored:

  • The media – working to shift journalist’s values and/or creating social movements that get coverage through traditional means (conflict, personalities, etc).
  • Bringing media influencers and decision-makers out of the office and into experiential learning in nature.
  • Building the potential of a community of practice in Brussels.

If you’d like to be part of the Brussels Community of Interest – come along to the next meeting, scheduled for March 7th. Thank you to Eivind for organising us all!

In circle discussion – apologies for fuzzy quality


Casper ter KuileBuilding a community of practice: A view from Brussels

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  • tomhalbert - March 3, 2012 reply

    Since there is a recognition that values and frames (v&f) cognitive mechanisms can operate at a subconscious level, and those who are aware of that use v&f to further their self-interest/agenda, it could be said that there is an ethic of manipulation active in the culture. This is not just the marketers, but also politicians and anyone else who wants to ‘pull the puppet strings’ to get people to change their way! 

    An alternative would be to have an ethic of ‘values and frames aware communication’. This ethic, would hold a recognition that communication is always invoking v&f. Would encourage readers to be self aware of the v&f that come up upon reading/viewing. Would put on responsibility onto communicators to preface or wrap up communication in this self awareness ethic. Would create a standard by which communication can be publicly and openly scrutinised for its manipulative intent. And, would expose attempts to sway people to particular ideologies or maintain power relationships and hope fully expose the whole system of manipulative communication. 

    If v&f communication was recognised as a critical leverage point in transitioning to sustainability along with increased self awareness, then uptake of this ethic could participate in transition in a major way.

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