Guy and I spent a couple of days in Brussels working with NGO staff exploring what Common Cause means for those working close to policy-making, in communications and behaviour change campaigns.

Questions that we're exploring:

  • Do people who take on CC approach come to different political conclusions?
  • How likely are politicians to respond to intrinsic values?
  • How can NGO community engage with this at a more fundamental level – beyond external communications?
  • How do we do work that we are not personally/organizationally mandated to do?

Ideas that are being planned/explored:

  • The media - working to shift journalist’s values and/or creating social movements that get coverage through traditional means (conflict, personalities, etc).
  • Bringing media influencers and decision-makers out of the office and into experiential learning in nature.
  • Building the potential of a community of practice in Brussels.

If you'd like to be part of the Brussels Community of Interest - come along to the next meeting, scheduled for March 7th. Thank you to Eivind for organising us all!

In circle discussion - apologies for fuzzy quality