What have values and frames ever done for you? Got under your skin much? Made you rethink some fundamental ideas?  

Well, four years after I first started looking into all this with Tom Crompton and Andrew Darnton, I can say with confidence that they have had a pretty radical effect on my life. Radical being the operative word because the lessons I have learnt by studying these endlessly fascinating ideas and evidence have led to a radicalisation of my politics, made me quit a very comfortable job and hop across the Atlantic to try something a lot less secure and comfortable, and even led me into deeply spiritual territory.

This essay is an attempt to capture and make sense of some of that personal journey;  you might say the human side of what we usually only talk about only in professional terms. What goes on inside the privacy of our minds and hearts is, pretty much by definition, confusing, shocking and difficult to interpret. It's also, ultimately, everything we have. This is an attempt to bring order to a bit of mine.

I wrote it as a letter to Tom (Crompton) and Andrew (Darnton) because I found myself talking to them in my head as I was processing many of these thoughts; I decided to make it open because I think there might be something of interest to others here as well. But you can be the judge of that.

Download: Confessions of an unwise activist (PDF)