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  • Ciaran Mundy - April 18, 2008 reply

    Would it be rash to say that in this minute or so of film lies more wisdom than much of the rest of societies collective attempts at understanding and delivering human well being?

    Do we ever stop to think that the degradation of our psyche, the thievery of our consciousness that the incessant barrage of commercial advertising represents , should be largely curtailed?

    The fear of the elite is that without stimulating the desires of the masses to consume ever more, whilst simultaneously ensuring acceptance the terrible violence inflicted in pursuit of depleting resources, the world economy would collapse. Irrespective of the fact that this econocentric view of the world ignores the very basic reality that economies are a subset of the living global ecosystem, we have a right to keep our minds as our own, not dominated by the myriad of amoral marketing messages that play to our deepest fears and desires as soon as we are old enough to be propped in front of a TV screen.

    The madness of this thinking is exposed by David Orr and he sets out a simple and compelling alternative – to return us our individual and our collective unconscious.

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