Do The Green Thing gets real

This blog was originally posted on the website Valuing Nature.

Do The Green Thing has long been urging subscribers to take the lift rather than the stairs, or to turn the lights off early every so often. All good stuff; but nothing that is going to help us begin to scrutinise the primary drivers of unsustainable behaviour. This month, though, Do The Green Thing has dipped a toe into engaging the motivations that drive our unsustainable consumption.

Step inside the upgrade circle and let it mess with your brain.

Tom CromptonDo The Green Thing gets real

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  • Peter Winters - May 8, 2008 reply

    Interesting .. but don’t you mean take the stairs rather than take the lift?

  • earthy - July 13, 2008 reply

    The “Don’t be a Litter Bug” USA public service campaign started when I was a child. There were many ads on TV and trashcans in public areas labeled with the cartoon. As a child I took in the message as thought it was gospel, picking up trash I saw in the streets and throwing it away, and feeling great about it. I would never (and still do not) toss any trash on the street unless I had no choice. In my opinion, the “Don’t be a Litter Bug” public service campaign produced great results because most people want what is good and will do well given the knowledge and opportunity to do so.

    I think the governments could do something similar. Cartoons targeting children and adults (such as lights out, fix water leaks, recycle, etc). But it must be made easy to comply.

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