Edinburgh – Common Cause workshop

9.30am – 4pm, Wednesday 25th April

Scottish Book Trust, High Street, Edinburgh

Do you –

  • Work on social or environmental issues?
  • Want to explore what values and frames mean for your work?
  • Want to meet others asking the same questions?

After the Common Cause workshop in Edinburgh in December booked up in less than 48 hours and was massively oversubscribed, we will be running another workshop at the end of April. This workshop will offer the opportunity to explore the implications of values and frames for work on social and environmental issues.

More information about the workshop and booking information can be found here.

Contact: Osbert Lancaster

Thanks to WWF Scotland and Oxfam in Scotland for supporting this event.

Richard HawkinsEdinburgh – Common Cause workshop

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  • Osbert Lancaster - March 21, 2012 reply

    Tom – please note my email address is mis-spelt in this piece! should be an ‘e’ in changemaking!

    Thanks for posting this – we’re getting good interest.

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