Do we have the time to shift values?

Some of the issues we face – climate change the prime example – are so urgent that many of us have resorted to ever more desperate short-termist campaigning to spur change. But there is no evidence that these techniques will ‘work’ at all – let alone in time – since many ‘easy wins’ can help set back longer-term, more substantial change. For a fuller response to this question, which is often raised, see our blog post “Do we have time to shift values?

Elena BlackmoreDo we have the time to shift values?

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  • Anonymous - January 8, 2012 reply

    I don’t think anyone asking this question believes that it’s a binary choice between ‘desperate short-termist campaigning’ and value shifting. Please try to give a serious answer to a serious concern among environmental campaigners.

    Does Common Cause have a timeline? Is the ambition to shift values before or after the opportunity to avoid tipping points in biodiversity and climate systems? I think many people are rightly skeptical of whether we can win a culture war within the next decade. If the ambition is to shift values so that our societies are in better shape to cope with catastrophic deleveraging, perhaps you should state that from the off…? And perhaps, also, you should avoid slamming campaigns aimed at provoking meaningful action now?

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