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  • Anonymous - June 29, 2011 reply

    By Paul King: A fascinating and challenging report which digs beneath the sometimes shallow technique of values-based segmentation of campaign audiences. (I do wonder whether it – or the supporting research – acknowledges the extent of dynamic contradiction so often prevalent in our values/goals/behaviours? It made me reflect on mine!) Have the report partners pledged to apply the scrutiny to their own advocacy and campaigns? Fascinating to think about what this means for the nature conservation movement founded 50 years ago on the basis of the instrinsic value of nature, but which has invested so much in exploring ways to capitalise on enlightened self-interest and the monetization of natural resources to support its case over the last 20 or more years. I’ll be thinking hard about what this means for the UK-GBC’s ‘campaign for a sustainable built environment’ and the extent to which justifying ‘the business case’ for action risks perpetuating counter-productive deep self-interest frames in the long-term… Well done.

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