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For those who don't know, Kevin Roberts is the worldwide CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi.  As an employee of the recently formed Saatchi Saatchi Fallon group, I stay closer to what he's up to than most.  His most recent effort on the sustainability front comes through Adam Werbach's Saatchi S outfit; Adam is a leading figure in the US environmental movement, and has achieved great things with Walmart among others.  But I think the Do One Thing approach will strike a chord of concern among the contributors to this site.  Here's the link:

In the comments below, you'll see I've been trying to build a bit of a bridge from their work to the world of identity campaigning, and have to admit I'm struggling.  But the opportunity is in the public domain, and so I wanted to open it up for other members of this forum to get involved.  I'm sure you'll be able to make the necessary points more eloquently than I.  This is a genuine opportunity to affect the strategy of probably the most committed communications company on the world on this issue, as Kevin and Adam are clearly both motivated men with a genuine desire to have a positive impact, and have the oomph in the business world to make it happen.