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Here's an interesting take on this, with a specific perspective on children and young people.  Richard Louv published 'Last Child in the Woods' in the USA last year, and has defined the condition of Nature Deficit Disorder.  Which feels to me like it could be something that could be worked with...  in an excerpt in Resurgence magazine earlier this year, he put some of the key science across impressively:

"Researchers have discovered that children as young as five showed a significant reduction in the symptoms of attention-deficit disorder when they engaged with Nature.  Schools that use outdoor classrooms and other methods of direct-experience learning are proven to produce students with enhanced skills in problem-solving, critical thinking and decision-making.  Students are also more engaged in the classroom and more open to conflict resolution."

Pretty powerful stuff.

I've arranged meetings with one or two senior clients of mine on this subject, to see if we can find ways to use marketing budgets to take on the cause.  I have my doubts, but given that traditional marketers aren't going to disappear overnight, I'm going to steer my co-opting in this direction for a little while and see how I go.