Nicole Richie loves the planet

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Nicole Richie loves the planet.


Tom CromptonNicole Richie loves the planet

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  • Francis - November 22, 2007

    No wonder the world’s getting hotter.

  • Ciaran Mundy - November 23, 2007

    I think this picture is great for 2 reasons:

    First – Despite that fact that we can all agree that the earth is beautiful, our only home and full of a dazzling array of different living forms that we share so much with, I still find myself looking at Nicole’s bum and thinking about that instead. How more perfectly can you demonstrate that we respond to things most often on deep seated emotional level and are not as the rational actors of the enlightenment.

    Nicole Richie beats Adam Smith any day of the week.
    Brad Pitt beats David Hume just to make this non gender specific.

    Secondly – Nicole has a great bum.

    Q. How long did it take Tom Crompton PhD. to choose this picture?

  • Francis - November 24, 2007

    I’d like to know the story of how Dr Tom Crompton, WWF-employee, came by this picture…

  • admin - November 26, 2007

    More sultry planet stuff for those of you who dig this… And with that, comments on this post are now closed!

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