Rowan Williams on Climate Change

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The Archbishop of Canterbury gave a speech on the environmental crisis last night. Much of it resonates with our identity campaigning approach.
“Many of the things which have moved us towards ecological disaster have been distortions in our sense of who and what we are, and their overall effect has been to isolate us more and more from the reality we’re part of.  Our response to the crisis needs to be, in the most basic sense, a reality check, a re-acquaintance with the facts of our interdependence within the material world and a rediscovery of our responsibility for it.”
Read his speech in full here.
Tom CromptonRowan Williams on Climate Change

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  • Graham Game - October 15, 2009 reply

    The Archbishop of Canterbury made some excellent points in his speech, but I don’t think he really addressed how “The Christian story lays out a model of reconnection with an alienated world”.
    I believe that the elephants in the room are the churches themselves as a focus for connecting with God. How can these opulent, man-made but God inspired structures really connect us with our creator?

    Surely the most obvious way to make that connection in by worshipping in the woods, the mountains – outside in direct contact with nature. Instead of communities gathering in churches on Sunday mornings, they should be coming together for walks & prayers in the woods & fields, instead of lamenting the decline of church congregations.

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