Here are some reflections from Shaun Chamberlin over at Dark Optimism about Common Cause.

He puts his finger on one of the key challenges that this work raises - the subject of prolonged debate in the course of putting the report together. It's one thing to understand that decision-making is importantly driven, not by a cold and rational consideration of the facts, but by value-laden emotional responses to situations. But how do we respond to this understanding?

Inescapably, all communciations and campaigns serve to activate and strengthen particular values - and these may be either helpful, or unhelpful, in terms of addressing the social and environmental challenges that we collectively confront.

But if we can't strip the values out of the communications (and we really can't) we can at least strive for greater transparency about what values we are activating with a particular campaign or communication, and why.

How that transparency is achieved is an open question. Is it, for example, a page on a website, or an appendix to a report: a section that presents a quick bit of frame analysis and makes clear the values that a communication is likely to activate, and the probable effects of these values?

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