December 5, 2017No Comments

The agoras in our midst

What is the role of arts and cultural organizations in society? What can they do to engage communities and bring people together? What can they do to promote social justice and encourage action on climate change? What role can they play in building more compassionate and caring communities, and in inspiring volunteering and other civic participation?

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November 28, 2017No Comments

Volunteering Values, community in a cultural setting

Volunteers are the beating heart of many organisations lucky enough to have them, and that’s no different at Manchester Museum. Research conducted by Common Cause, tells us that we underestimate how widespread values like compassion, kindness and helpfulness are - and this inadvertently holds us all back from collectively addressing big social and environmental issues like inequality and climate change.

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May 15, 2012No Comments

Common Cause Internships

There are two exciting internship opportunities within the Common Cause network this month, both hosted by the Public Interest Research Centre. The first is a Common Cause Internship working on core Common Cause activities, from liaising with academics and summarising new research to helping develop participatory workshops. The second is a Common Cause for Nature Internship working with PIRC on a major new project investigating ways to better engage the UK public in conservation.

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April 22, 2012No Comments

Common Cause in Bristol

I spent Wednesday evening with a group of 25 from all sorts of community and NGO initiatives in Bristol to share some of the case studies we've been collecting, and the themes that we're noticing within them.

The room was filled with an intergenerational group - and after finishing exactly on time, I was one of the first to leave as nearly everyone stayed behind to keep talking: a sure sign of success!

We spent most of the evening reflecting on what campaigning looks like with a Common Cause approach, using the following themes as guides for our conversation. Read more

March 2, 20121 Comment

Building a community of practice: A view from Brussels

Guy and I spent a couple of days in Brussels working with NGO staff exploring what Common Cause means for those working close to policy-making, in communications and behaviour change campaigns.

Questions that we're exploring:

  • Do people who take on CC approach come to different political conclusions?
  • How likely are politicians to respond to intrinsic values?
  • How can NGO community engage with this at a more fundamental level – beyond external communications?
  • How do we do work that we are not personally/organizationally mandated to do? Read more

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