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Common Cause & Disability 
A view from Brussels

This update is from Eivind Hoff in Brussels who is hosting Common Cause conversations with policy experts, campaigners and social change-makers.

How could Common Cause be used to influence politicians and the public on the need for supported employment for disabled people? This was the topic discussed at the Common Cause meeting in Brussels on 22 May, hosted by Workability Europe.

With 80 million Europeans having a disability of some sort, ensuring a decent life for disabled people should be in everyone’s interest. Despite this, it is a topic that is often forgotten. One element of a decent life is having the possibility of using your capacities to work. Many disabled people are however excluded from the open labour market. There are various forms of supported employment for disabled people, yet little is known about their role in supporting people with a disability to transition to the mainstream labour market. Read more

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From single issues to systems thinking with Common Cause

“Maybe the single-issue campaign doesn't work anymore because we're not single-issue people.”

Since the publication of Common Cause, campaigners have been asking themselves, ‘what does this mean for us and our work?’.

This month, twenty seven campaigners got together at Development House to hear more about some of the case studies we've profiled,  to build community, and start to think about what we’d like to be doing differently to align our campaigning with a values-based approach.

We heard from Morgan and his work with Waste Watch and from Guy and his work on advertising, then broke into smaller groups to dive into:

  • What do we campaign on? Can we choose more systemic targets?
  • How do we campaign? Is the way in which we're working us preventing us from shifting power more successfully?
  • Values and Frames theory and research - an in-depth conversation.

What did we learn? Read more

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Values retreat, Machynlleth – March 2011

Over the 18-20 March 2011, twenty-five people met on the site of Owain Glyndwr’s revolutionary Welsh parliament of 1404, in Machynlleth, mid-Wales. Our conversations focussed on the problems that we face in meeting profound environmental, humanitarian and social challenges – unless we also begin to examine those factors that shape cultural values. This recognition is not new – the issues we debated have been central to social movements for many years. But we discussed ways in which we might begin to work collaboratively to re-focus public debate on the importance of cultural values, and to enthuse and embolden progressive actors in the public, private and third sectors through a deeper grasp of the importance of cultural values.

Read more

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