This is a guest blog by Joe Brewer.

This blog was originally posted at Identity Campaigning.

This is an excerpt from a post at  Cognitive Policy Works:

For too long politics has been about preserving our differences. I think its time to change the name of the game. Politics in the 21st Century is going to be built with affinity groups - people who come together around shared interests. Social change is going to arise from a thousand little groundswells of people making a difference in their peer networks. A thousand ripples combined can quickly become a sea change!

Rather than letting elite communications teams (marketing and PR firms) define the labels of our politics, let’s claim them for ourselves. We can be progressives because we want to see real progress toward a better world. This may not lead to a vision shared by the masses, but it does allow for communities to grow around visions of our own.

Of course, the concerned reader will quickly point out that one person’s vision can be another’s nightmare. True enough. But until the visions come from within us, instead of from message architects in the mass media, the only progress to be made will be further entrenchment in the status quo. We’ve seen where this leads… the largest wealth inequalities in human history and intensely corrupt economic and political systems.

The full post can be read here.