Genis Carreras: Visualising Values

We’ve recently been working with Genis Carreras – the talented graphic designer behind Philographics – to visualise the Schwartz values inventory and we need your help!

But first, here are some example values…

How you can help…

We’ve been working through the values coming up with ideas as we go. We’re now over half way and we’re coming across the values that are hardest to visualise.

We’d love to hear your ideas (in the comments below) for visualising the following:

  • Beauty
  • Cleanliness
  • Freedom
  • Health
  • Intelligence
  • Moderation
  • Politeness
  • Responsibility
  • Social recognition
  • Social justice
  • Wisdom

Extra points if you draw them in the comments!

Richard HawkinsGenis Carreras: Visualising Values


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  • Doug - July 31, 2014 reply

    To be candid (with n=1), I really don’t get some of them (thought Pleasure was modesty) but some are great. I am sure they will be well researched.
    Is beauty a ‘value’ or is it just that people value beauty?
    Anyway, my couple of ideas:
    1) Freedom – someone stepping through and out of bent prison bars
    2) Politeness – letting someone go first

  • Alex Randall - August 1, 2014 reply

    Health – person with a heart monitor pulse across their chest
    Moderation – a person holding a half pint of beer
    Social recognition – person with a thought bubble showing they have new Facebook friends, twitter followers
    Also do you already have Hedonism – person at a festival

  • RobZ - August 1, 2014 reply

    Beauty: looking at flower or gesturing towards mona lisa.
    Cleanliness: Kitchen counter that is sparkling
    Freedom: Something relating to Mandela’s Long walk to freedom (his book, his jail, his prisoner number).
    Health: exercising and eating a carrot
    Intelligence: Einstein picture. Have a high IQ in head. Or lots of working gears while holding a light bulb.
    Moderation: Being mellow / ying and yang symbol.
    Politeness: opening car door
    Responsibility: holding planet (or something depicting “the future”) between or in cupped hands
    Social recognition: someone in front of flashing cameras
    Social justice: Martin Luther / Mandela
    Wisdom: sage or guru with long beard (in cave)

  • Kadri - August 1, 2014 reply

    My first associations:
    Freedom – waving a flag
    Intelligence – drawing a graph or reading books
    Politeness – raising a hat or holding palms together
    Wisdom – meditation

  • Osbert Lancaster - August 4, 2014 reply

    Great graphics – but I think there’s a bit of work to do first! Using the values in workshops I find there are some that are frequently misinterpreted – especially influence, successful, ambitious. People often think of these as programme or organisational objectives rather than personal values, e.g. they choose ‘ambitious’ because they believe they and their organisation need to be ambitious and influential if they are to eradicate poverty/HIV/invasive species/etc – when the exercise asks them to consider what personal values are important to them. When I talk to them they are clear they don’t want to be influential etc for the sake of it, merely to achieve wider goals.

    I do wonder if using the approach from the Portrait Values Questionnaires might avoid this problem.

  • Amanda - August 6, 2014 reply

    Beauty: Integrity, honesty, decency, generosity.
    Cleanliness: When needed.
    Freedom: Absolute as long as it infringes on nought others freedoms.
    Health: A goal, not always achievable, but a goal to aim for nonetheless.
    Intelligence: For me the ultimate aphrodisiac. For life? We are all valuable. Smart, less so and plain dumb it don’t matter. Kindness is all.
    Moderation: When we have to.
    Politeness: A good starting point but not necessary with thugs, those lacking sensitivity and those who wish to harm others.
    Responsibility: Social and ecological responsibility is all. Without it we lose the key to the future.
    Social recognition? Que?
    Social justice: A pivotal principle for life.
    Wisdom: Comes with age. Hopefully.

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