WWF leaves leading Scots alone on a mountain

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Gurjit Singh, President of NUS Scotland, is participating in WWF’s ‘Natural Change’ project. He writes: So How do you explain dancing at the top of a mountain, laughing uncontrollably, roaring with anger and frustration?

I don’t know if you can – it’s something that just happens. I thought I was mad. I thought I was experiencing some sort of breakdown. Come to think of it I probably was. I was going through the breakdown of emotional and psychological effects of being all by myself all the way up a mountain. The rain and the wind together making up my worst weather kind was the first half of the day. It was torrential and it was fierce. There was no shelter! There was no where to hide and there was no sign of it stopping. I was cold I was freezing and I couldn’t do anything about it. How do you know when you have hyperthermia? Despite all this I was determined. Determined to complete this challenge. I begged and I prayed for the sun to come out and guess what just like magic after som time of getting cold, wet and soggy it did!…

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Tom CromptonWWF leaves leading Scots alone on a mountain

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